4 Benefits of Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

If you want to start planning to renovate your kitchen, you should keep a kitchen island in mind. A kitchen island is a superb choice to increase the versatility and style of any kitchen, no matter what aesthetic goals you have. According to a Google Trends Search analysis by Kitchen Infinity, kitchen remodeling has increased by 23% in the last year. If you love to cook or you enjoy hosting family and friends in the kitchen, why not add an island for more counter space? Let’s take a look at the four benefits of adding a kitchen island during your next remodeling project in Cincinnati.

1. Increased Functionality of Your Kitchen

Some may think an island will decrease the functionality of your kitchen, but it actually does the opposite. You can approach a kitchen island from multiple directions, so you and your family can all be working on different tasks with ease and comfort. You can even add a sink to the island for easy food preparation. With an island, a new flow of traffic will be made, which will make it even easier to have several guests in one space.

2. Added Storage Space

You may need extra storage to keep your kitchen organized and you can do just that with a kitchen island. You can add more drawers and shelves within the island itself to store extra kitchen necessities.

3. A Kitchen Island Can Amplify Your Style

A kitchen island is not only a functional addition but also adds aesthetic appeal to your Cincinnati kitchen. Your choice of materials, such as marble, granite, quartz, or another gorgeous countertop choice, will add character to the room and definition to your style. You could even add more style with a lighting fixture right above the island.

4. More Space for Seating

Your kitchen may handle a significant portion of the traffic, and you may even find it easier to work and socialize in the kitchen while preparing meals. Trying to find a better way to handle all of the traffic with your family or guests can be as easy as installing a kitchen island. A kitchen island offers more seating space for your kids to do homework as you prepare a meal and more space for your guests to sit and socialize with one another.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, adding an island is excellent because of its multiple benefits. At Legacy Builders Group, we give each kitchen remodeling project individualized and unmatched attention. Contact us to curate the best kitchen island layout for your kitchen in Cincinnati.

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