Welcome! Legacy Builders Group is proud to showcase our transformation and innovation prowess. This Butler County project is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and meticulous execution. It illustrates how a dramatic transformation can be achieved within the existing footprint of a home, turning everyday spaces into areas of function and splendor. This renovation is not just about aesthetics; it's about redefining the heart of the home, merging modern functionality with the art of entertainment.

Modern kitchen remodel with white shaker cabinets and window above white countertops by Legacy Builders

Project Goals and Client Vision

The north star for Ross Township renovation was the homeowner's aspiration to create a highly- functional kitchen that also serves as an outstanding entertainment space. Their vision was clear: a kitchen remodel that transcends traditional boundaries, offering both culinary efficiency and a welcoming ambiance for guests. The challenge was to achieve this within the existing structure, optimizing space without compromising on style or utility. This goal steered every decision, from layout planning to material selection, ensuring that the renovated space aligned perfectly with the homeowner’s lifestyle and expectations.

Design Challenges and Solutions

The journey of remodeling this kitchen in Butler County was paved with unique architectural challenges. One of the main hurdles was the combination of a flat and vaulted ceiling in the kitchen area, which required a creative approach to design and lighting. Additionally, the presence of a large arched kitchen window on the front wall posed both an opportunity and a challenge for natural lighting and layout configuration.

To address these challenges, our team at Legacy Builders Group implemented innovative solutions. We embraced the unique ceiling structure, using it to define different areas within the kitchen. We transformed the large window into a focal point, with the kitchen window over sink allowing natural light to flood the space, enhancing the open and airy feel.

Material Selection and Features

Like any bespoke renovation, material selection played a pivotal role. The kitchen's design featured exquisite quartz countertops, known for their durability and elegance. The countertops were perfectly complemented by decorative tile backsplashes, adding a touch of sophistication and style. The two-toned cabinets are central to the kitchen's allure. The combination of blue two-tone kitchen cabinets and contrasting white cabinets created a striking visual balance, infusing the space with a modern yet timeless appeal. We strategically placed under-cabinet and in-cabinet lighting to enhance convenience and ambiance, particularly highlighting the kitchen cabinet doors with glass. We love how this addition illuminated the workspace and showcased the fine details of the cabinetry.

View of kitchen island and glass-front cabinets above sink at beverage station by Legacy Builders

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Functional and Aesthetic Highlights

We thoughtfully designed the kitchen with zones dedicated to culinary tasks and entertainment, anchored by the navy blue kitchen island and a comprehensive beverage center. This layout facilitated an efficient workflow while also catering to social interactions during gatherings.

Blue kitchen island with seating and storage beneath three pendant light fixtures in Cincinnati kitchen remodel

Task lighting beneath white shaker cabinets in kitchen remodel by Legacy Builders in CincinnatiThe double island kitchen layout was key, offering ample space for food preparation and casual dining. The kitchen window over the sink, once a design challenge, now provides a practical design element while offering architectural charm with its arch design, framing the picturesque views outside.

Open-concept kitchen designed by Legacy Builders with stone countertop island and arched window above sink

Up-close shot of D-shaped cabinet pulls on white shaker cabinets with natural light coming in from window in Butler County, OH kitchen remodel

Custom Additions and Layout Changes

The renovation included significant layout changes and custom additions to adapt to the homeowner’s needs and vision. The transformation began by expanding the kitchen into the former home office space. This allowed for a more spacious kitchen layout, accommodating the larger islands and additional cabinetry. We also enlarged the opening between the kitchen and the adjacent dining room, now repurposed as a sitting and music room. This alteration enhanced the flow between the rooms and fostered a more cohesive and open living space.Guitar and piano in first floor of Butler County, OH remodel by Legacy Builders


Lighting and Color Scheme

The Ross Township kitchen renovation intentionally set the right mood and tone through lighting and color.

Task lighting beneath white shaker cabinets in kitchen remodel by Legacy Builders in Cincinnati

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

The kitchen island became a centerpiece, highlighted by elegant pendant lighting fixtures that provided both illumination and a touch of sophistication. These fixtures were carefully selected to complement the overall décor and serve as focal points in the kitchen area.

kitchen renovation by Legacy Builders with mosaic backsplash and three pendant light fixtures above island

Two-Tone Color Palette

The choice of blue cabinets with a contrasting white island was a deliberate move to infuse the kitchen with a contemporary yet timeless look. The white shaker cabinets with crown molding added a classic touch, while the navy blue elements brought depth and modernity to the space.kitchen remodel in Butler County, Ohio by Legacy Builders with double islands

Entertainment and Functionality

Focusing on the homeowner's vision of a kitchen that doubles as an entertainment hub, several features were integrated to enhance both its functionality and its capacity for socializing.

Double Island Layout

The unique double island kitchen layout provided ample space for cooking and social interactions. This layout not only increased the workspace but also created a natural gathering spot for guests.

Open-concept kitchen renovation by Legacy Builders with dark cabinetry and double islands

Custom Bar and Beverage Center

We incorporated a custom home bar with a sink, complete with a beverage center. This addition allowed for effortless hosting and served as a convenient spot for guests to gather, socialize, and help themselves.Legacy Builders' kitchen renovation featuring a large island and task lights in beverage station

Client Feedback

The client's testimony speaks to the quality of work and the level of satisfaction with the overall experience, reinforcing Legacy Builders Group's commitment to excellence in every project.

“From the very beginning of the process through the final walkthrough, Legacy was great! Communication, quality of work, and attention to detail were beyond our expectation.”

“This is truly a quality company. Everyone, from the office staff to the craftsmen in the field to the owners, is fantastic. Being out of our house for almost a year was a pain, but in the end, it was worth it.”

“Quality of work, communication, and overall professionalism were beyond our expectations. Our job was a whole-house remodel, and it turned out better than we imagined.”Two-tone kitchen remodel by Legacy Builders with blue island and hardwood floor


The Ross Township first floor and kitchen renovation stands as a hallmark of Legacy Builders Group's commitment to excellence. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design, expert craftsmanship, and client collaboration can transform a space into something extraordinary. From the practical yet stylish double island kitchen to the custom features tailored for entertainment, every aspect of this renovation was executed with precision and care. If you're in Butler County or the surrounding areas and dreaming of a similar transformation for your home, we’re ready to bring your vision to life. Contact Legacy Builders Group, where your dream space becomes a reality.