Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen in 2024

Homeowners nationwide are transforming their houses into modern homes by giving their kitchens a facelift. Recent reports by Kitchen Infinity show that kitchen remodeling increased by 23% in the last year. You can also add more warmth to your home by giving your kitchen a complete make-over that fits your taste and style with just a few of these remodeling tips.

Wetherington Country Club kitchen remodel with mosaic and subway tile backsplash

1. A Full-Height Pantry

A kitchen might be clean, but it still risks a visual overload with appliances sticking out beyond the cabinets, open shelves hanging over appliances, and a huge vent hood over the stove. Remodeling your kitchen with one single full-height pantry leveled with your refrigerator could give your kitchen a more relaxed look. You could then give life to the bare walls with vintage or contemporary artwork that expresses your taste and style.

2. Natural Color Palette

A dull color in the kitchen creates a somber mood, while bright, vivid hues can be distracting. You can give your kitchen a natural feel by replacing the bright and dull colors with an all-white kitchen theme or calm shades of sky blue, soft ocher, or warm olive hues. However, remember that you should choose a color that blends in with the kitchen appliances and cabinetry as well as the rest of your home when remodeling your kitchen.

Modern kitchen remodel with hanging light fixtures above island

3. Replace Chemically Treated Items with Natural Materials

2022 kitchen remodeling trends now show that modern homeowners appreciate the value of using natural materials in their homes. You can give your home a new look by remodeling your kitchen with oak, walnut, or ash cabinetry. These natural woods provide your kitchen with a luxurious rustic feel that is warm and inviting.

4. Natural Stone

Natural stone blends perfectly with natural color palettes and warm layered lighting. Remodeling your kitchen with veined marble or patterned granite countertops could give your kitchen a striking luxurious classic appearance that will last for years to come. They will also blend quite well with most modern appliances and floor tiles.

Stone kitchen countertop on kitchen island beneath pendant light in Cincinnati home remodel

As you remodel your kitchen, do not be afraid to explore fun and exciting ideas that define who you are as a person or as a family. Reach out to us today and see how our design build remodeling company can help you.