How the Home Renovation Industry Has Responded to the Pandemic

During the most recent pandemic, homes that were once a place to sleep became safe havens. Many people couldn’t go to work, and some even started working from home. This means people started spending a lot of time in their homes. Spending more time at home also meant people could easily notice things that were not in place. Here’s what the pandemic has meant for the home renovation industry.

More Time Spent at Home Leads to More Home Renovation Projects

While people loved their homes before, they didn’t spend much time there. This means that all most people needed was a place to come back to. Because of the pandemic, all that changed. People started needing more from their homes. This renovation industry trend made 2020 the 10th consecutive year of expansion and it is continuing even now!

Renovations Became Focused on Functionality

Because of the pandemic, the focus shifted from aesthetics to functionality. Backyards became gyms, and closets turned into offices. People started looking for ways to leverage every inch of their living space to accommodate their new needs. This means that people were more demanding when it came to their need to turn unused and used space into something else. Even as the pandemic slows down in some areas, people still have this mindset when it comes to home renovations.

Immediate Impact on Contractors

The impact on home renovation contractors and design-build firms was immediate. Initially there were many restrictions due to safety, but with social distancing and enhanced safety measures put in place, they could continue their work. This has also led to many home renovation contractors and design-build firms providing virtual meetings and the use of online visuals for planning purposes, which is a trend that is continuing.

These are some of the changes to the home renovation industry over the past few years. Many of the changes were because people started spending a lot of time at home and because of this, the home renovation industry increased immensely. Contact us for home renovation questions and consultancy.