What Are the Best Kitchen Layouts to Consider for My Kitchen Remodel?

Is it time to redesign the kitchen? Have you given it a lot of thought? You are not alone. Many variables influence the choice to remodel a kitchen, but in the end, the new arrangement is frequently determined by the available kitchen space. Unless customized just for you, your house would have a certain amount of space and configuration directing you toward a certain layout.

An L-shaped pattern is the most popular option (40%) among the 46% of remodeling homeowners, followed by a U-shaped layout (30%), according to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. However, other options may interest you. Here are some popular kitchen layouts to consider for your kitchen remodel to make the space more aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Island Kitchen Design

An island-shaped kitchen is spread out over the full space and supports all capabilities in a chic way. It enables a range of comfort options for both the host and the visitors. Kids have more space to play and do their homework in kitchen designs with islands, and the roomy design makes the kitchen a multipurpose environment. Additionally, it offers excellent storage and has great ventilation.

Parallel Kitchen Design

Parallel modular kitchen designs have become popular, so your kitchen no longer needs to be a cramped interior space. Plus, this particular form provides ample room for movement. With this kitchen form, light constantly streams through a door or window, making working and cooking a pleasure for any home chef.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design

For small to medium kitchen spaces, this design works best. A clutter-free, well-organized L-shaped design requires careful planning but allows for creativity. Given that a wonderful floor plan is required for this type of layout, this kitchen design can be adapted to any theme. An L-shaped layout must be built at the corner where two walls meet for it to work effectively. Additionally, one wall section must be twice as long as the other.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Three of the four walls in a U-shaped modular design are lined with cabinets and appliances. Because of this, a U-shaped kitchen has a space-saving, effective design. It is the most practical kitchen layout for storage compared to an L-shaped kitchen design. The primary benefit of a U-shaped modular kitchen is the safety element since it prevents traffic, such as kids running around, from interfering with your workflow.

Hopefully you now have some food for thought as you plan out your kitchen’s layout. But before kitchen redesign, you should ask yourself a couple of crucial questions. What features of your current kitchen do you like? What about your kitchen do you dislike? By writing down your responses to these questions, you can identify the layout that works best for you. Need help determining the best layout for your Cincinnati home? Contact Legacy Builders today! We’ll be happy to assist you.