4 Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your master bathroom presents challenges, especially if all of your bathrooms receive a large amount of use. However, there are ways to plan and organize your home in preparation for a master bathroom remodel. Here are just four steps you should take.

Confirm the Schedule

You want to ensure that you know when the project is going to start and how long it will take. Therefore, you must remain in constant communication with the lead remodeling contractor to remain aware of any changes or delays in the schedule. If you’ve discussed a specific timeline with your remodeling company, determine whether that timeframe is still realistic so you can plan accordingly.

Ask About Safety Measures

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for you and your family is critical during a remodel. First, you’ll want to know how the remodeling contractor handles the dust that is created, as well as any other potential toxins. You’ll also want to protect your loved ones, as well as the construction team. According to the NerdWallet 2020 Home Improvement Report, 79% of homeowners are more cautious due to safety concerns about coronavirus when allowing a home improvement professional to enter their home. Ask your home remodeling contractor about their health and procedures before they arrive and inquire about what you can do to protect everyone involved.

Schedule Bathroom Time for the Household

You will be down one bathroom in your house, which can be a particular challenge if you\’re remodeling the master bathroom. That means that your family is going to have to share the remaining bathrooms and get creative with timing. Mornings tend to be difficult to coordinate, as everyone’s in a rush. Avoid frustration and delays by scheduling time for each person to spend in the bathroom. Have a family meeting and make sure everyone understands the importance of sticking to the schedule and making full use of the time they’re allotted.

Organize Your Bathroom

By the time your remodeling contractor is ready to enter your home, items in your over-crowded master bathroom should be taken care of. Before renovations start, purge the items you don’t plan to use and sort them into boxes. If you have any unopened items that you will never use, donate those to a local shelter or charity. You can use another container for recycling. The items that are left can be sorted into everyday items and items you probably will not use during the remodel. Then, move out everything from the bathroom to ensure your remodeling team has full access.

Your master bathroom probably needs a lot of help. But if you follow these tips, the remodeling process will go much more smoothly. To get started on your bathroom remodel, please contact us today.