Hidden Doors & Panels: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t!

Hidden doors

As children, many of us dreamed of hidden doors and secret spaces in our homes. A spot only you knew of, where you could store treasured items, have a cozy reading nook, or hide your diary from your siblings. 

For some homeowners, this childhood dream has become a grown-up reality. Hidden doors and panels are an efficient way to take advantage of previously unusable space in your home. While they may serve practical purposes like kitchen storage or hiding mechanical equipment, they can still be the ultimate hide-and-seek spot! Let’s look at how some of our clients have used hidden doors in their Cincinnati remodels:

Pantry Panel

Hidden pantry cabinet in a Hyde Park Ohio remodel

You can never have enough kitchen storage, but you can certainly grow tired of cabinet walls. For these clients, pantry cabinets were hidden within the full height wainscoting along an entire kitchen wall. No need for knobs — these pantry doors use touch latch hardware to open like magic.

Living Room Storage

Living Room Storage

For many homeowners, living rooms do it all — from family game and movie nights to after-dinner drinks. So how can you quickly transition from playroom to party room? For these clients, the answer was hidden wall storage flanking the fireplace. These secret storage shelves have plenty of room for games, toys, and books but look like part of the décor.

Clever Kitchen Panels

Clever Kitchen Panels

Kitchen islands are the perfect spot for an access panel to hide wires, plumbing, or even appliances. This panel is cleverly concealing the back of an ice machine.

Clever Kitchen Panels (2)

Radiators remain one of the most effective ways to heat your home, but many people are turned off by their bulky looks. We helped these clients keep their built-in radiator while discreetly concealing it inside their island.  What do you need accessible but concealed? Contact us for creative and discreet storage solutions with a dash of childhood whimsy.