Designing the Ideal Second-Floor Addition with Remodeling Companies

Second-story additions are a great way to expand the living space of your home without expanding the footprint of your home. There is a great deal of value to be had with second-story additions. Investing in your home is always a good option. According to Nerd Wallet, about 61% of homeowners have made some home improvements since March of 2020.

The Space You Need

Selling your home and buying a new one to get more living space can be costly, stressful, and may not be the best option. If you love your location, there is a better option.

Second-story additions are a better solution. You can stay in the home you love and have the elbow room you need. The right remodeling company can help you to design a second story that fits your needs to a tee, looks like it was always a part of the home, and preserve your living space on the main floor.

It Is a Big Change

It is important to have a remodeling team on your side that has experience in second-story additions. Adding a second story will impact your entire home. Mechanicals like HVAC may have to be rerouted. Stairs leading to the new addition will need to be constructed, and other considerations will need to be made.

Managing the big changes that come with second-story additions takes experience and expertise. The right remodeling company will construct the second story while ensuring the flow of your main floor is not disrupted.

Big Decisions Need to Be Made

Second story additions are on par with new home construction when it comes to decision making. The floor plan needs to be decided, access routes, design features, colors, flooring, many decisions need to be made. The right remodeling team will help you to make informed decisions by providing you with viable options at different budget levels.

It Is a Great Option With the Right Team

Second-story additions are a great option. They do not change the footprint of your home, they do not compromise your outdoor living space, and they can easily double the square footage of your home. It is a big project that does require the right level of expertise. The right remodeling company can get the project done worry-free. Connect with us here to see how we do it.