3 Tips to Help Prep Your Home for a Renovation

Home remodeling and renovations are great ways to add value to your home. There are a few things that you can do that will ready your home for remodeling and ready you and your family to deal with it. Here are three tips to help prep your home for a renovation.

1. Plan for Everything

Home remodeling is great, but it can be disruptive to your lifestyle. The best way to reign in chaos is to plan for it. Scheduling everything will help to ease stress. Will you have to make schedule changes to your household? For example, will you have to get up earlier than usual? Will you need to use a different entrance and exit? If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, plan for the days you will not be able to enter the kitchen at all. You should also consider if you’ll need to remove food from your pantry. According to Houzz, about 31% of homeowners opt to upgrade their cabinetry, and about 28% of those homeowners add some new cabinetry. Are you in that category? If so, you’ll need to clean out the cabinets before the work starts.

2. Clear a Path

The workers will need a place to park their vehicles, unload equipment, and get to the area they are working in. You can make the process easier by clearing a path and considering where they can park. You can also move items out of the way that can be damaged accidentally that are in the traffic flow of the work area.

3. Mentally Prepare

It can be stressful dealing with workers in and out of your house and having your schedule disrupted, but in the end, it will all be worth it. Mentally prepare for the home remodeling. Keep your eye on the prize, a newly renovated home, and keep in mind that the chaos is temporary.

Work closely with your contractor and ask plenty of questions about how you can prepare your home for the upcoming project. Call us at Legacy Builders Group for a trusted home remodeling contractor in Cincinnati today to get started.

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