Add Personality to Your Home with Accent Tile

Accent Tile Ideas Mosaic Picture

We all know tile for its waterproof protection and easy-to-clean durability. But beyond its practicality, it can also be an eye-catching focal point and the perfect personal touch for your décor. Accent tile is a particularly wonderful way to add character to any space — here’s how.

What is Accent Tile?

Accent tile is a small-ish section of tile that varies from, or adds detail to, the larger whole of a room. There’s no limit to accent tile’s possibilities; it could be anything from a subtle decorative border in your shower to a bold focal point on your kitchen wall. No matter how it is used, it is a relatively easy way to add interest and excitement to your home. Here are some unique ways our Cincinnati-area homeowners have used accent tile in their kitchens and bathrooms:

Kitchen Character

From a practical standpoint, tile in the kitchen is an effective way to protect your walls from grease and moisture. Beyond its practicality, tile is also a wonderful way to add character and flair. One of our favorite places to add an eye-catching tile feature is under the range hood. 

Under the Range Hood

Range Hood (1)

Tile doesn’t have to be one uniform color, shape, or pattern, and the area under the range hood is a perfect place to change things up. Here we see traditional gray subway tile shift to a herringbone pattern. 

Range Hood (2)

For even more contrast, these homeowners chose to accent their white backsplash with intricately patterned large square tiles under the range hood.

Range Hood (3)

These painted tiles are a fun statement piece for homeowners to admire as they make dinner. 

Range Hood (5)

Seeking drama? In this example, an organic, teardrop mosaic extends the length of the wall and provides a refreshing alternative to typical squares and rectangles.  

Beverage Bar Backdrop

Beverage Bar

A beverage area or coffee bar is also an excellent spot for a unique touch of tile. This patterned tile is a funky focal point sure to draw interest from both homeowners and their guests. 


Shower Niche

Shower Niche

A shower niche is a perfect place for accent tile as it provides a natural break for a pop of color or texture. In this mostly white shower, fluid lines in the niche add elegant detail for that spa-like feel. 

Bathroom Borders

Bathroom Borders

A contrasting border across the length of your shower is another option in the bathroom. This dotted copper piece draws the eye up and adds a touch of luxurious sophistication. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to add personality to your home, visit our project gallery. With so many tile options to choose from, the selection process can be challenging. The good news is that our design-build remodeling professionals are just a click away to help. Please contact us with any questions about your project.