The Legacy Builders Promise

We’ve spent years developing our Legacy Builders Promise to Cincinnati homeowners, and we hope we’ll earn your trust with the following assurances:

We’re Client Focused

We promise to conduct business with great attention to you, your family, pets, and neighbors. From the planning and design stage all the way through to the completion of your project, your positive experience is paramount to us.

We’ll Advocate for You

We will use our years of training, experience, and resources to serve and advocate for you. We’ll ask the tough questions to help you think through a design or selection decision and counsel you on the best way to remedy an issue with your home before, during, or years after the construction of your project.

We Build to Budget

The Legacy Way design-build process assures that what you signed up for at the start of your project is delivered to you upon completion. On-time and on-budget are two values our clients love most about Legacy Builders Group.


We are realistic with you from day one about your goals, budget, and the process it will take to achieve them. We’ll never hide costs or deliberately create grey areas. If an unforeseen issue should arise during the remodeling process, we’ll let you know and work together to remedy the situation in the best way for you.


We strive to create a trusting partnership with our clients, which is why we make the above promises to you first. We’ll listen to your ideas, goals, and budget and work with you through our proven design-build process to accomplish your home remodeling goals.

You trust us to accomplish your dreams for your home, and we appreciate that trust.

Contact us today to begin transforming your project ideas into an exciting reality!

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