Building Up: A Three-Story Oakley Addition

The young family in this home needed more space, and the only way to go was up. With some creative maneuvering, we crafted a more comfortable and functional space for them to spend time as a family.

A covered back porch creates a more comfortable and safe entrance to the home. The entryway mudroom now has organization lockers to keep the children’s backpacks, coats, and shoes tidy. The custom-made built-in entertaining unit was beautifully designed with wainscoting and stained-glass windows. A tin ceiling was added to one of the bedrooms to mimic other rooms in the home, finished off with period-sensitive interior trim. Since a trip to the basement in a three-story home becomes quite a hike, a convenient laundry room was added in the bedroom, making washing clothes much less of a chore. A carefully integrated paver patio between the driveway and garage makes use of every square foot of the homeowners’ backyard.