Answers to Your Questions About Second Story Additions

There is no question that second story additions are a terrific method to both expand your living space and raise the value of your home. An addition transforms your home into a true investment, and they typically only take between four and six months to complete, according to Quicken Loans. You may be in full research mode and have questions about the planning phase of this development, as it involves a lot of factors. Here are the top three queries addressed.

Will My Foundation Be Able to Support a Second Story?

Yes, but only after receiving some assistance. Second story additions significantly increase the original house’s weight, which is more than what its skeleton was intended to support. To strengthen the slab, precise drawings must be created with the assistance of professional design builders, and underground piers must be positioned strategically inside and outside the slab. A similar study needs to be done if your home is raised off the ground on a pier and beam foundation. Beam sizes and other important structural features should be specified in the designs before obtaining any estimates.

Where Will I Live During Construction?

While partial second story additions can occasionally allow you to continue living in your house, most individuals opt to move out while the construction is done. This is for both the project’s efficiency and your safety. It’s preferable if your house renovators are free to utilize loud equipment whenever they need to and receive deliveries that won’t obstruct your driveway. Doing this can ensure that the project will finish on time and ensure that you experience fewer headaches.

Which Features Will Maximize My Home Value?

As a homeowner in Cincinnati, you should consider the value this project will offer to your life and your house. Even if you might not have many ideas for the rest of the second story, you might still require a second bedroom and bathroom. In this situation, it’s a good idea to consult with your design build remodeling team about what prospective homebuyers will value the most down the road.

As you can see, second story additions can be quite promising, especially when you hire the right team for the job. If you’re interested in starting a second story addition project, contact Legacy Builders Group today!